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Villa di Lusso a Trapani-Marsala


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Villa Zisa Marsala-Trapani

Imagine walking through the entrance of a 9.000 sqm flourishing park, and then finding yourself before the house of your dreams: our exclusive Villa Lilibeum, a traditional Sicilian villa surrounded by a well-groomed garden, featuring the finest interiors and the most exquisite furnishings and ornaments you could wish for. 

The outdoor area includes two beautiful large porches on the sides of the house, adorned with polished outdoor furniture, and a vine-covered arbour that enhances the beauty of the garden. One of the porches overlooks the large salt water swimming pool (12x8m), provided with two semicircular littles staircases with elegant marble steps that lead you  right into the water; the second porch faces the beautiful garden, a perfect spot to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the villa.

On both sides, from the porches, you'll be able to access to the living area. Once inside, you will find yourself in a spacious elegant ambiance furnished with couches and wooden console tables, and decorated by wonderful period pieces and pottery. Every corner of the house will make you notice the care for details and for luxury finishings: the precious paintings and pottery that decorates the living room, for example, as well as the artistic plaster fireplace. 

Getting from the large living area, through the doorway, painted in a characteristic shade of green called “verde siciliano”, to the next room, you will find an elegant dining area with a lovely plaster and majolica thermo-fireplace, along with a big wooden table with chairs and a traditional sideboard. A little corner of the room hosts an armchair and an ottoman in front of a flat screen Sat-TV.

Right next to the dining area you'll find the kitchen, a successful mix of modern functionality and antique rural taste with an original majolica tiled wall and many other period pieces, among which the marvelous wooden kitchen cupboard stands out.

The same traditional Sicilian style decor can be found in the two bedrooms, both provided with air conditioning. The master bedroom is provided with a wide screen Sat-TV and a large en-suite bathroom with wonderful marble bathtub and shower. The other bedroom is a double, with a peculiar headboard and a trunk, both painted in the traditional Sicilian style of the late 19th century; the room offers a lovely majolica tiled en-suite bathroom with shower. Another little characteristic bathroom can be found on the same floor.

The house features also a modern underfloor heating system, powered by its own photovoltaic system, and internet wi-fi. Moreover, a laundry area with annexed bathroom can be found in the basement. If you don't want to give up any comfort Villa Lilibeum is the right choice: each detail of this wonderful estate will contribute to turn your holiday into a magic experience!

Villa di Lusso a Marsala Trapani Villa di Lusso a Marsala Trapani Villa di Lusso a Marsala Trapani Villa di Lusso a Marsala Trapani Villa di Lusso a Marsala Trapani Villa di Lusso a Marsala Trapani  Villa di Lusso a Marsala Trapani 

Area informations

The city centre of Marsala, with its amazing baroque old town and its wonderful scenery, is within easy reach from the villa. Walking through its streets will feel like taking a walk through history, finding behind every corner the signs of many traditions and cultures that contributed, over time, to the unique mix you have the chance to witness today. A lot of different dominions on Sicily and on Marsala have followed one another: Phoenicians, Arabs, Spanish, the heritage of all these different cultures is still vivid in customs and traditions, but most of all in gastronomy, so don’t miss the chance to discover the delicious typical dishes of the area. Among them, the sweet Marsala wine surely is the king!

Our beautiful villa is located right between Marsala and the stunning Stagnone Nature Reserve, a valuable protected site that includes a lagoon made of four island, the worldly famous Mozia among them, that host rare flora and fauna. If you’re into sports, you will love to try kite surfing in the area, especially on Signorino Beach, well-known among kite surfers around the world and host to the Kitesurf World Cup in 2013.

Around here you'll find astonishing views and wonderful sandy beaches, just driving along the coastal road.  The one spot you cannot miss in Marsala area is surely the Salt Plans: at sunset they offer a terrific view, with the silhouettes of the windmills standing against the sun and, If you're lucky enough, a flock of pink flamingoes flying by!



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